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Two new incredible Legacy Machine 101 Frost Watches from MB&F

By Adrian Prisca


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Unveiled last year right after Baselworld, the beautiful Legacy Machine 101 was the very first watch from MB&F which has been developed entirely in house. It’s the purest form of what a Legacy Machine should be, according to the Swiss brand’s co-founder Max Büsser, and it proved to be an instant hit ever since it was launched, almost a year ago.

Pure, thin and manual winding, this amazing timepiece has now received two new limited edition “Frost” versions, 18 pieces in yellow gold and 33 pieces in red gold. Very few artisans can create true frosted finishes today, that’s why these timepieces should be even more appreciated, drawing their inspiration from the 18th and 19th century pocket watches.

The great Abraham-Louis Breguet was the one who discovered frosted dials offered better protection against oxidation and today MB&F has applied this technique to make their watches even more beautiful than they normally are. The uneven frosted surface of these limited-run timepieces make their dial sparkle even more, contrasting great with the highly polished bezel and lugs.

The Legacy Machine 101 “Frost” versions are almost identical. They body come with what is essential in a wristwatch: hours and minutes, a power reserve and a flying balance wheel but the suspended wheel is now rhodium plated in the middle of the watch to stand out even more.

If you’re interested in this stunning limited edition, you should know that the MB&F Legacy Machine 101 Frost is priced at around $60,000 or exactly 58,000 CHF.


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