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Two new Astarte Suites that Could Literally Take your Breath Away

By Adrian Prisca


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Astarte Suites

A couple of years ago we’ve featured on our site a magical place called Astarte Suites, the most amazing hotel from Santorini, Greece, and probably one of the best in the entire world. Hanging on a cliff and overlooking the blissful Aegean Sea, this hotel is truly one of a kind, a place where a five star location meets six star service and seven star hospitality.

The sweeping views of the Aegean sea and the far-away volcano can be enjoyed from every angle of the hotel and the infinity pools will make you feel connected to the sea. This Greek paradise was probably the ultimate destination for a dreamy vacation, but until this year, it only had 9 lavish suites available, and it was pretty hard to find one available.

But luckily for us, Astarte Suites has unveiled two brand new suites this year, that are even more amazing than the rest. Each of these new suites come with king size bedrooms, with exquisite marble bed tables and hand tiled floors, featuring a luxurious bathroom and a heated couples Jacuzzi.

Astarte Suites

The interior design of these suites has been beautifully inspired by the ancient Mediterranean culture allowing you to enjoy a true Santorini experience. And did we mention the fact that every suite comes with a massive panoramic terrace, with a sitting and dining area and a… private infinity pool !? No? We’ve saved the best for last.

Of course, from every single one of the mind blowing Astarte Suites you’ll have the most outstanding views possible, of the sea, volcano and caldera. We’ve going to let these photos do the rest of the talking for us. If you want to find out more about Astarte Suites, feel free to visit their website here.

Astarte Suites

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