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Tom Dixon creates an Outstanding Copper-Coated Coffee Set

By Victor Baker


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copper-coated coffee set

British designer Tom Dixon has revealed an exquisite set of copper-covered works of art that allow us to brew and serve coffee in one of the most impressive ways you could ever imagine. Set to be released on the market this September, the elegant coffee set includes a caddy, a scoop, a lovely cafetiere, a stovetop espresso maker, a milk pan, espresso cups, a biscuit tin and also a serving tray.

Everything you could ever need for coffee is now twice more enjoyable, as all these pieces were created from stainless steel and have received a striking high-gloss finish with a thin film of vaporized copper.

copper-coated coffee set

The collection is said to treat coffee-making as “a form of art” and we’re inclined to agree with that statement. Besides, enjoying coffee has been a unique experience and ritual for hundreds of years. The Brew collection is part of the Tom Dixon Accessories collection, and was inspired by the British heritage. Anyone for a cup of coffee?

copper-coated coffee set


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