Three-wheel e-scooters from Sway Motorsports cost around $10k

sway motorsports cost

Speed, agility and efficiency are three important factors that describe the vehicles of today. To create the ultimate vehicle for these factors, Sway Motorsports has unveiled a wonderful prototype – a tilting three-wheel electric scooter which they have been working on for years.

Although this rather compact vehicle’s engine uses low power to propel the contraption, we expect its price to be quite swollen. Joe Wilcox has undertaken the challenge to pen down the scooter, before he joined IDEO-toy designer and after he graduated Rhode Island School of Design. Mr. Wilcox has great experience in design whatsoever, having worked with giants like MIT and NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

sway motorsports price

The one we’re describing now boasts a 60 V, 20 Ah lithium iron phosphate-battery-pack, ensuring that the vehicle can go as much as 16 km (10 miles). This is quite low if we come to think of it, so Sway decided to mount a 60 Ah battery pack on the vehicles destined for the market which allows for 30 miles (48 km) autonomy.

The Sway is quite compact as well, given the fact that its wheels measure 10 inches in diameter and that it measures 1.32m x 0.89m x 1.02m (52 x 35 x 40 inches).In addition, the engine that powers the contraption is a 3,500 W hub motor, located in the rear wheel, thus the scooter reaches a top speed of 40 mph (64 km/h) none the less that it weighs a whopping 104 kg (230 lb).

This scooter’s level of technology is somewhere around “high”, all its lights, from the decorative strips to the turn signals and the headlights are LEDs.

Its creator, Joe Wilcox, declared: “Notable about this design is the patented placement of the batteries in the wing/foot platform that extends back from the bottom bar to the linkage – an innovation which keeps the battery away from the tilting mass and helping to keep the Sway’s center of gravity as close to the road as possible.” You can’t see it until you drive it – we’re talking about the tilting mechanism, which is the main thing that caught our attention.

We haven’t yet heard of any rumors regarding whenever it would be made available. But we do realize that once it is, its price will probably be superior to other machines alike. In case you’re interested in Sway Motorsports cost, you should know that the company lists two different models on their Shopify page, Sway Lithium, priced at $7,999 and Sway Lithium Plus which costs $10,999.