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This season, Bentley’s Continental GT comes with new features and colors

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2020 Bentley Continental GT 1

The superb Bentley Continental GT, both the coupe and the convertible, have gotten fresh new looks this summer. New paint colors on the outside, a new style for the steering wheel and the possibility to get the V8 coupe with a cool panoramic glass roof – these are the interesting modifications the GT got in store for us.

The exterior paints now come with three more options for the Bentley Continental GT. These are Viridian, Patina and Snow Quartz. Viridian draws inspiration from the traditional British Racing Green, with a dark emerald metallic hue similar to what you’d find on Bentley’s EXP10 Speed 6 concept car.

Patina combines the color of polished metals with hues of champagne and silk. The Snow Quartz color option is the more modern one, a white three layer pearlescent paint.

2020 Bentley Continental GT 2

The new and impressive panoramic glass roof is available for all of Bentley’s Continental GT coupes, plus the new Bentayga and the Flying Spur. With the panoramic roof, the cabin gets a wonderful new perspective, putting its charming craftsmanship in a new light. Literally. The roof comes with polarized glass which allows passengers to have a clear view outside while protecting their eyes from glare.

There’s also the possibility to shield the glass roof with an interior blind operated electronically from the car’s console. The blind comes in Alcantara leather to match the car’s interior and has no less than 15 headliner color options.

The steering wheel comes in a brand new style. It has gotten an updated shape and profile, but the most interesting part is the newly added capacitive sensing throughout the wheel rim which allows the steering wheel to detect when the driver has its hands on it.

In terms of colors, the new steering wheel has gotten an updated color split and a chrome bezel at the bottom of the vertical spoke, giving it a more chic look than before.

2020 Bentley Continental GT 3

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