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This Majestic Beachside Avenue Property is Anyone’s Dream Home

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Proudly sitting on over two acres of lush manicured property in an exclusive area of Westport, Connecticut, this spectacular 11,000 Sq. Ft. waterfront mansion looks like everyone’s dream home. It was designed by the renowned architects Ferguson & Shamamian and built back in 2007 by Paul Tallman, with nothing but the highest standards of quality in mind.

The entire property is embraced by 125 feet of Long Island Sound waterfront, while the estate comes with 7 bedrooms, 7 full bathrooms and 3 partial baths, with numerous living and public rooms, and a bold sense of style that seems to remind us of old world grandeur.

Exquisite detailing and bespoke furnishings, high ceilings, large windows and spectacular sea views and garden vistas give this home an understated elegance and natural beauty that’s hard to surpass.

Beachside Avenue Home 2

The good news is that this majestic Beachside Avenue property has been recently listed for sale, and if you can afford to pay $20 million for your dream home, you might be able to move in pretty soon. The future residents will also get to enjoy a gorgeous seaside terrace, with stairs leading right into Long Island Sound.

But the mesmerizing home before you also features numerous state-of-the-art amenities, like a gourmet kitchen, equipped with high-end appliances, two master suites, an 18-seat movie theater, a gym, several fireplaces, a big garage, and many, many more. It’s a rare opportunity to own one of the finest homes on the “Connecticut Gold Coast”. Would you like to live here?

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