This Exquisite MB&F HM8 Watch Brings Joy To The World

MB&F HM8 Watch

For those of you who don’t know this yet, Only Watch is a special charity auction that showcases some of the world’s most exclusive watches, and sells them for a good cause, and here’s one of the pieces that have made the cut this year. This exquisite MB&F HM8 watch was specially redesigned for this year’s charity event, meant to help people with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

The original timepiece has been inspired by the Can-Am racing series of the 1960s, but this new iteration focuses on the joys of childhood, which is why it features a cool doodle, created by young ballerina Cassandra Legendre. It would seem that Cassandra’s parents are good friends of MB&F founder Max Büsser, and her gift to Büsser – the very same doodle – inspired this unique project.

MB&F HM8 Watch

The 15-year-old student’s eye-catching doodle has been engraved onto the sapphire crystal panel, drawing everyone’s attention towards a robot, jet plane, toy car, jellyfish, ice cream cone, a football, sunglasses and a video game controller – you will surely remember how fun it was to be a child. Do you miss those times? I sure do.

Engraver Oliver Kuhn contributed to this timepiece with a miniature white gold elephant, this incredible sculpture requiring as many as 120 hours to complete The double screwed plate that usually features the MB&F logo now displays a smiley face, making it clear that this watch is suitable for kids of all ages.

Speaking of which, if you want this ravishing timepiece for one of your children, and you also want to contribute for a good cause, you will have to pay somewhere between $83,000 and 103,000 before enjoying this toy.

MB&F HM8 Watch