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This Custom Himalaya Defender and a Bespoke Kodiak Turboprop Could be Yours for $3 Million

Custom Himalaya Defender and Kodiak Plane 1

If you’re looking to spend around $3 million on your dream gift, look no further – we might have the perfect idea for you! Any true offroad and pure machine fan out there knows the name Himalaya pretty well, the American company that’s responsible for the ultimate restorations and modified versions of the classic Land Rover Defender.

The Ultimate Spontaneous Escape - Traeger - Kodiak - HIMALAYA

Well, today we have even better news: the very same company joined forces with aircraft manufacturer Kodiak to offer a dream package that includes both a customized Himalaya defender and a matching Kodiak plane, a special offer that costs exactly $3 million. 

But this might just be the ultimate gift for thrill-seekers and Land Rover enthusiasts out there.

Custom Himalaya Defender and Kodiak Plane 2

This exceptional package includes a bespoke Kodiak 100 Series II plane, packed with numerous goodies, like customized badging and a distinctive livery, modern technology and a cool interior that adds to the overall feeling of safety and comfort.

Kodiak will design only a limited number of multi-passenger K100 Series II planes for Himalaya, so you might need to hurry up if you like this extraordinary package. If the Kodiak turboprop takes you faster to your destination, the off-road Himalaya Defender 110 will deliver a more down-to-earth approach. 

Custom Himalaya Defender and Kodiak Plane 3

The customized Defender 110 is more than capable of handling any off road adventure. It’s equipped with a powerful 300-hp TDI engine and manual transmission, and the level of performance, comfort, and reliability included in this Himalaya package is simply incredible. No terrain will stand in your way and no back pain will come after any trip either.

Speaking of trips.. included in this amazing $3 million package is also a trip to Himalaya’s headquarters, just in case you want to see the company’s new Experience Center in Alpine, Wyoming, where you can experience what the Himalaya brand is all about.

Custom Himalaya Defender and Kodiak Plane 4

At the Himalaya Experience Center you will also get to enjoy a variety of backcountry experiences and guided tours. But did you know that Himalaya also built five customized snowmobiles and snow bikes? Each of them is fine tuned with a specific terrain and rider in mind and you are more than welcomed to put them through their paces.

Custom Himalaya Defender and Kodiak Plane 5


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