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This Boeing Dreamliner Is A Luxurious Flying Home

By Victor Baker


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Luxurious Flying Home

A Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner has been magically transformed into a luxurious home that can fly and now we have the chance to drool over this one of a kind plane. A private jet can never be too spacious, and a business executive who toured this aircraft seems to agree.

He (or she) has transformed this Dreamliner into a second home – well, with a little help from the people at the Washington-based company Kestrel Aviation Management. The cabin has been completely stripped before starting work, and the Paris-based Pierrejean Design worked alongside Greenpoint Technologies to complete the classy interior design.

That’s why we are now faced with a spacious and elegant cabin, designed to deliver an unforgettable travel experience. For instance, the ceiling was raised and the walls have been modified to frame 18-inch-by-10-inch windows that would create the sensation of space.

Luxurious Flying Home

Passengers will probably also appreciate the twin sofas that slide together electronically inside the lounge or the 55″ video screen. There are also four single seats, with pop-out tables for those who are in need of doing some work, a pair of couches and two coffee tables, that could be raised to form a dining table for six people to enjoy.

The master suite has been extra soundproofed for that well deserved rest, while the walls have been also lined with material that deflects sound. The bedroom includes a California king-size bed, shelves with electric candles that can be controlled from a panel above as well as a 42-inch video screen and a refrigerator.

Luxurious Flying Home

The master bathroom is equally stunning, showing off dual sinks and a heated marble floor, while a dressing area containing several closets, with a separate shoe closet, a hidden safe, and bureaus will make this plane the perfect home away from home.

There are plenty of ways of keeping the owners and their friends or family entertained, as passengers may benefit from blackout window shades, Wi-Fi and ambient lighting. Even the entryway is special, featuring wood-veneer flooring, leather-accented bulkheads, and dramatic accent lighting. It’s like a luxury home, but with wings!

Luxurious Flying Home


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