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There’s no Place like the Incredible Aranwa Sacred Valley Hotel

By Victor Baker


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Aranwa Sacred Valley

Set in a charming 17th-century hacienda on the road to Machu Picchu, the incredible Aranwa Sacred Valley Hotel is ready to impress you in more ways than one, with breathtaking views of the Andes mountains, luxurious accommodations and world-class service, plus a wonderful swimming pool, a spa featuring alternative medicine treatments, a lovely restaurant, and even a museum.

We doubt the inhabitants of the historic Incan citadel, built right above the Urubamba River valley in the 15th century, have ever thought about this kind of sophistication. But once you imagine what they were able to build high up in the Andes, with dry stone walls that fused huge blocks of stone without the use of mortar, you might might feel intrigued and wonder what else they could have done.

Aranwa Sacred Valley

Let’s get back to this blissful retreat. Promising a unique blend between a gorgeous colonial style and modern 5-star luxuries, the Aranwa Sacred Valley Hotel will welcome you to spacious rooms or suites, featuring a jacuzzi with a heated towel rack, king size beds, a big LCD TV and many other goodies.

But you’ll probably spend most of your time at the hotel’s amazing wellness centre, that will try to charm you with its full spectrum of services, with massages and treatments using many native products and therapies. Come sundown, Aranwa offers 3 different dining options that include a delightful fusion between Japanese and Peruvian cuisine, native organic products and a chef’s menu, while the impressive collection of wines will prove to be the ideal companion for any of these delicious dishes.

Aranwa Sacred Valley

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