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The World’s First Tea Humidor, unveiled by Lotusier

By Victor Baker


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Lotusier tea humidor

People have been drinking tea since 2,737 B.C., which means more than 4,700 years worth of flavor, health, and all around good vibes. Nowadays, the world’s tea consumption is second only to water, and the United Kingdom is well known for this social activity. Nonetheless, tea has yet to earn the artisanal appreciation of coffee beans, until today.

Åsa Eriksson-Ahuja and her London-based interiors company Lotusier have decided to accept pre-orders for the world’s first tea humidor, which is set to cost around $8,750. Exquisitely handcrafted from sycamore wood with chrome fittings, this exquisite humidor protects your favorite tea from light, odor, heat, air, and moisture, only to preserve its flavor and deliver the experience of a lifetime.

Lotusier tea humidor

Eriksson-Ahuja has personally designed the humidor back in 2011 as a gift for her tea-loving husband, but it seems that years of research and fine-tuning have transformed the humidor into a masterpiece – one worthy of Madame Yu Hui Tseng’s approval.

Available in five designs inspired by tea-drinking countries, each humidor will hold 70 grams of loose-leaf tea and is outfitted with four to six custom crystal airtight containers. A two-way humidity control, a built-in thermometer, and the crystals’ stainless steel base will preserve the natural flavors, with the recommendation to keep your eaves at a comfortable room temperature and 55 to 70 percent humidity.

Lotusier tea humidor

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