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The wonderful Moke Amphibie Lazareth is Twice the Fun

Moke Amphibie Lazareth

I’m pretty sure no one was expecting to see a cool amphibious vehicle coming from Lazareth, the French company specialized in developing outrageous vehicles, with unique designs and tons of power. Called the Moke Amphibie Lazareth, this beautiful thing packs only a tiny 400cc Euro 4 engine and has been approved to be used on public roads, where it can reach speeds of up to 90 km/h.

That might not sound too impressive, but this cute little car is also able to hit the water in style, and it could be even registered as a dinghy. Reminiscent of the 1940s first-gen Jeep, this amphibious ride looks pretty cool from any angle you take a glimpse of it.

Moke Amphibie Lazareth

Featuring 4-wheel drive and an all-aluminum body, Lazareth’s Moke is agile on both land and water, and the best thing is that it will never rust. The transition from water to land takes just a few seconds, hence all the smiles in these photos, and a propeller limited to 6ch allows this amphibious vehicle to ‘sail’ at up to 7 knots, which seems like enough for a day out in the sun, fun times and the privilege of bragging for the most interesting vehicle around.

Available on order, the Moke Amphibie Lazareth is entirely made in France and it’s part of an eco-environmental approach – now more than ever, considering France’s desire to scrap all petrol- and diesel-powered cars by 2040.

Moke Amphibie Lazareth

Lazareth Amphibie (LM847's French car and bike design compagy)



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