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The ultra modern Hotel Viura awaits for you in Spain

Hotel Viura Spain

If you’re looking for the ultimate travel experience in Spain, visiting the ancient and beautiful wine country and traditional villages you might consider staying at the ultra modern Hotel Viura. The hotel is located in the heart of one of those traditional villages at around 100 km from cities like Bilbao or Pamplona.

Designed by the Spanish Architects “Designhouses”, this contemporary hotel sits next to a 17th century church and even though it’s ultra modern, it blends flawlessly with the old architecture of the village. Hotel Viura is made of a series of concrete cubes, one on top of the other, that seem to rise out of the ground.

The architecture of the hotel beautifully connects the interior of the rooms to the exterior landscapes through floor to ceiling windows throughout and private terraces. From here, the guests can enjoy a lovely view of the village, the Sierra de Cantabria or the church.

The clever use of shapes, glass and sophisticated lighting add to the ambiance of this hotel and makes it both fun and romantic in the same time.



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