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The Track-Only Ferrari 488 GT Modificata is a Wild Dream

By Victor Baker


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Ferrari 488 GT Modificata 1

Ferrari knows that some people love nothing more than to put their driving skills to the test and possibly their life on the line to experience the most exciting and thrilling automotive feelings ever. That’s exactly why they’ve unveiled a new track-only weapon, with 700 prancing horses, called the Ferrari 488 GT Modificata.

First off – yes, we are talking about a super limited edition model once again. Featuring the latest technology developed for both the Ferrari 488 GT3 and the 488 GTE model, this car is all you could ever want for track days and the best thing is that you could also take part in Ferrari Club Competizioni GT events.

Ferrari 488 GT Modificata 2

The 488 GT Modificata is all about power, and more power is always better, right? The lucky owners of this track toy will get to enjoy a twin-turbocharged V8-engine that’s good for about 700 horsepower, while new transmission ratios and carbon fiber clutch will make sure all that power reaches the track.

Its powertrain is no longer limited by the FIA rule book, so you could say this beast is wild and free now and ready to be unleashed on the track at full power.

Ferrari 488 GT Modificata 3

Blending the best features of the 488 GT3 and the GTE, the Ferrari 488 GT Modificata shows off high-downforce aerodynamics, which lead to a higher downforce at the front, without increasing overall drag. To put it in lame terms, this thing will make everything in its power to stay on the track at high speeds as the driver goes all out.

The team over at Brembo helped out with the braking system, featuring low residual torque calipers that are similar to what we find on world championship racers. The ABS was borrowed from the 488 GT3 Evo 2020, but it wasn’t a cheap move. Everything had to be customized and set up specifically for the GT Modificata.

Ferrari 488 GT Modificata 4

Standard equipment – if we can call it standard – includes a V-Box working together with an advanced telemetry data acquisition system from Bosch, a high-resolution rear-video camera, as well as the TPMS system that helps you measure tire temperature and pressure.

If you’re thinking about exterior and interior aesthetics, please note that the future owners of this beast are more than welcomed to come up with any crazy designs they imagine. Whatever you want, Ferrari will deliver.

Ferrari 488 GT Modificata 6

As we mentioned earlier, this is a limited series model. As such, the Italian supercar maker will only sell it to drivers who have recently participated in Competizioni GT with Ferrari or Club Competizioni GT. At least for now. Not good news, but that’s life.

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