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The Taj Tashi Thimphu Hotel in the Himalayas, Bhutan

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What would you choose for an exotic getaway – the tropical charm of the Caribbean or the heights of Bhutan? We’re now going to provide you with some reasons why to get to the idyllic mountains; to be more specific, here’s Taj Tashi Thimphu.

The hotel is located in Western Bhutan, an hour’s drive away from Paro Airport and can also be reached through the road from Phuntsholing, adjoining the Indian region of Dooars. Nestled deep within the heights of the Himalayas, the hotel provides guests with unique panoramas of the magnificent mountain range alongside the sounds and views towards the ancient Dzong temples.

Taj Tashi Thimphu comprises a total of 66 rooms which are absolutely state of the art, in practically every way possible. Additional to this, they are equipped and garnished with Bhutanese touches alongside gorgeous views. This is also a place for both lovers of luxury and adventurous figures. The second ones can embark on the famous 8-day Jhomolari trek.

The friendly staff is more than happy to welcome guests with traditional drinks, alongside leading them towards their marvelous rooms, decked with fluffy pillows and cozy beds. In addition, guests are further treated with excellent toiletries and exquisite showers.

The town of Thimphu is one more reason to try the renowned Taj Tashi Thimphu. Anyways, the charm of the hotel will probably make you spend your entire visit in its confines – for example, guests are able to enjoy the pleasures of Jiva Spa, the exquisite cuisine provided by the local restaurants and the aromatic drinks at the Rimps, a typical Tibetan tea bar. Nightly rates start at $300.

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