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The Stylish “Little Nest” Hanging Cradle by Oszkar Vagi

little nest

Penned down by Budapest-based designer Oszkar Vagi, the Little Nest hanging cradle is probably the most amazing nest you’ve ever seen for your little baby. Made from felt and leather, this stylish little thing will make parents smile and babies will feel spoiled and pampered.

According to the designer, this gorgeous cradle was shaped out of one single wool felt piece and was meant to offer babies a protective shell which also takes care of their peaceful rest.

little nest

Featuring perfectly simple geometry, and constructed out of 100% natural materials, this beautiful cradle comes with single-point suspension; this means that babies can enjoy gentle movements and almost the same sensations as before they were beginning a new life among us.

Even adults might consider taking a baby nap in one of these things but sadly for us, we don’t fit. However, I’m inclined to believe that the designer could make one to fit us as well, upon request.

little nest



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