The stunning B.R.M Birotor

Even though B.R.M. is one of the few left independent watchmakers in the world, they are still able to dazzle every timekeeping enthusiast. They are manufacturing racing-oriented timepieces in an almost exclusive manner, with the principle of sportiness being their main theme. The brand has unveiled the gorgeous B.R.M. Birotor watch at Baselworld 2013.

The pre-manufacture processes of the B.R.M. Birotor have been lasting for around 30 months, including prototyping, developing, designing and testing. They’ve crafted the case out of titanium, measuring around 40 x 48 mm, with a curvy appearance. Following the design, the bottom and top sapphire crystals are curved as well, while glass inserts have been applied to the side of the watch that provide additional sightings of the movement inside.

As for the lugs, they are reportedly adjustable to three different positions, apparently without the need of other specially-designed parts. Furthermore, an interesting part is the way the movement is suspended by four carbon fiber brackets from the four corners of the case, through a system of shock absorbers with cone-shaped springs. Of course, the B.R.M. Birotor sports two rotors set on double ceramic rotor bearings and joined together through a differential. The small red circles you can see there are the rotor weights, crafted from tantalum. Nice!