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The sophisticated Hotel Unique in Sao Paulo, Brazil

We’ve always been staggered by the way the Brazilians have learned to spend their lives. The country’s capital itself is an extremely nice, futuristic city, and, if you ask any of its residents about their lives, they’ll probably respond with full optimism. Heading south, towards Sao Paulo, we came across a brand new hotel, called Hotel Unique.

Reachable via a 40-minute drive from the Sao Paulo’s city center, or via the immense Guarulhos Airport, Hotel Unique is a truly staggering piece built by a handful of humans. Upon arrival, an extremely friendly staff will offer you a warm welcome, providing you with all sorts of directions and ways of travel. Penned down by Ruy Ohtake, Hotel Unique was built in such a way that it resembles an arched figure, which is said to even challenge the skyline of the city itself.

The entrance, made through a set of metal doors, will lead guests towards a superbly garnished interior space with industrial metals and rich woods, all combined in a near perfect way. Comprising a total of 95 rooms and suites, Hotel Unique is quite a large guests’ home. It also provides a stunning gym, spa, indoor pool with honed speakers and Italian Jacuzzi tubs.

He hotel’s location, outside downtown, in Jardim Paulista, doesn’t seem to have any negative effect upon its visitors, being constantly bombarded by the Sao Paulo city folk. The most frequently attended areas are the swimming pool, the lounge and the staggering rooftop bar. The library with free Internet service is quite a hot spot as well.

Nightly rates at Sao Paulo’s Hotel Unique start at BRL 870 or $410 at current exchange rates.



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