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The Smart Cone Wireless Speaker Lives Up To Its Name

By Victor Baker


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Designed to easily fit into our hands, the Aether Cone is an extremely chic minimalist wireless speaker that looks a bit like a futuristic megaphone. Priced at just $399 and available in black and copper, or white and silver, the speaker actually works like a smart music player, learning what music you like and when you like to listen it. So if a bit of Jay Z gets you pumped up in the mornings, the Aether Cone will know it and make it happen.

This smart cone could play music, podcasts and Internet radio via a variety of different services, operated easily by turning the dial, or the entire front façade and even through voice command. The newest range has been outfitted with multi-room syncing capabilities, allowing you to spread up to 10 of these gorgeous speakers throughout your house.

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If you thought all of that sounds cool, feel free to keep close for this one: the speaker will not only learn what you like, but also which room you prefer listening it in, even if you only buy one and choose to simply move it from room-to-room.

Boasting an eight-hour battery life, the Bluetooth-enabled player also features voice feedback and will even answer questions like What song is this? Aside from being able to answer, it can also repeat your requests to make sure it is hearing you correctly. How’s that for a smart player?

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