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The Rimowa F13 Is An Ancient Aircraft In A Modern World

Rimowa F13

I don’t know about other people, but I’m usually more impressed by older creations, designs and inventions. I’m fascinated by what those people managed to achieve with so few technologies helping them in their efforts. Once I got my eyes on this beautiful aircraft, I knew my life will change forever.

Rimowa got their hands on the design plans of the Junkers F13, the world’s first all-metal transport aircraft that first flew in 1919 and they’ve created a stunning replica of the beautiful classic, dubbed as Rimowa F13. A tribute to the original Junkers F13, which kickstarted the passenger aviation industry as we know it, this gorgeous plane looks vintage, but it’s actually brand new.

Rimowa F13

The Junkers F13 was capable of carrying a pilot and three passengers, featuring plenty of room for cargo as well. Next thing you know, from Europe to the Middle East and the USA, commercial airlines soon began popping up on the wings of the F13.

Now back to this gorgeous plane by Rimowa. The Rimowa F13 will make its maiden flight in early 2016, and the company is already taking pre-orders for fully manufactured planes. Delivers will start in May 2016, to a handful of wealthy collectors and flight enthusiasts. Are you interested?

Rimowa F13



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