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The Polyedro Sink from a single amethyst stone

By Brian Pho


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One of the most common stones to have been worn by celebrities and famous people of all time are amethysts, seen on the bodies of names like Cleopatra, Marcus Aurelius, Catherine the Great and Julius Caesar. We’ve been literally staggered by what we’ve recently seen – a Polyedro sink carved out of a single amethyst stone by Franke in collaboration with Jake Levy of International Stone Collection.

The Polyedro design is not only curious, but relies many styles – overall, it is geometric and multifaceted, a gorgeous diamond-cut bowl that reinvents the term of bathroom sink. In addition, it has received a stunning garnishing courtesy of Jake Levy in the shape of glittering bright amethyst gemstones spattered all over its surface.

In fact, this opulent work of art was reportedly cut from a single piece of amethyst weighing in excess of 500 lbs. The designer had selected only 80 lbs of the slab, which were later on carefully hand-placed one at a time, completely covering the pointed angular sink base. In addition, the top border of the sink is crafted from Brazilian grey quartz.

The gorgeous fixture was unveiled at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show in New York during the last month, at Franke’s booth. It costs a stupefying $50,000.


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