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The Next Step in Bathroom Evolution – The Bathsphere by Alexander Zhukovsky

By Brody Patterson


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The Bathsphere, brainchild of Russian designer Alexpander Zhukovsky, is a concept shower that’s supposed to reinvent the way people think of shower in particular, as well as the bathroom in general.

The central idea here is that the bathroom isn’t just a place you go when you need to wash up or brush your teeth. It’s actually the place you start and finish your day and thus it sort of encapsulates your life. This theme – the daily cycle, the central significance in our lives- is suggested clearly by the spherical shape of the “room”.

But apart from its symbolism, the Bathsphere is quite a cool space in and of itself. Its glass walls and the fact that it’s suspended from the ceiling gives you a feeling of weightlessness, which can be quite relaxing after a long day’s activities. In addition to this, you can create your own atmosphere inside this unique bathroom – you can simulate rain, change the temperature inside, as well as the humidity, lights, sounds, and even smells. All of this for a truly special experience that is just barely reminiscent of a traditional bath.

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