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The new Leica Q Compact Digital Camera Is Worth Every Penny

By Victor Baker


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Photography enthusiasts and lovers of fine art both love Leica products; that’s a fact. This is why the German optics company has just unveiled yet another impressive digital compact camera, featuring fixed lens. Dubbed as the Leica Q, this camera was designed with old-school styling in mind, combined with top notch performance.

The high-end product boasts a conservative overall look and it’s more than capable of capturing incredible views and events. Boasting 24MP, as well as a full frame CMOS sensor, the new Leica Q incorporates incredible craftsmanship, from a top plate machined from solid blocks of aluminum, to the body that comprises of magnesium alloy. Please note that the lettering and markings on the setting dials are laser engraved.

The touchscreen display offers users various options, allowing users to customize their experience and results with ease. Furthermore, Leica wanted to come up with the fastest autofocus option in this class, all the while offering Full HD video recording capabilities and an impressive noise filter. Other features worth mentioning include integrated Wi-Fi, which allows paired smartphones or tablets to control the camera remotely.

The Leica Q app, as there is one of that as well, can be downloaded for free from the Leica website, with Popular editing software like Adobe Photoshop Lightroom also included in the Leica Q package. Accessories range from premium bags and cases, exclusively developed for the Leica Q and made from the finest black leather.

Customers may also opt out for various system bags in various sizes and styles, hand straps and carrying straps, as well the Leica SF 26 flash, plus a handgrip and travel tripods with a selection of ball heads. The Leica Q will set you back $4,250, but that’s a small price to pay for high quality.

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