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The new Icon Craft 24 Might be the Ultimate Recreational Day Boat

Icon Craft 24

Blending performance, comfort, eco friendliness and ease of use, the new Icon Craft 24 is one of those cool toys that brings something new to the table, while allowing us to experience our wildest dreams. This stunning vessel aims to redefine the concept of a custom recreational day boat, featuring high-end amenities, nothing but the best materials and state of the art equipment.

Designed with innovation, space, comfort and seamanship in mind, the 8-meter boat before you was meant to be pleasurable and sporty at the same time. Given its relatively small size, we must praise it for the surface of its cockpit, of 10 square meters, with folding sides, wide side decks and a generous front sundeck.

Icon Craft 24

The central cockpit seems to be inspired by all those action movies from the 1980s, but it promotes safe and relaxed driving. The driver and passengers are welcomed to relax under a bimini top covering the table and two benches, while getting perfect peripheral visibility. What’s also really impressive for a vessel of its size is that the Icon Craft 24 could house a jet-ski and many other toys in the back.

The vessel’s double outboard engine is also a great move, as it optimizes performance and comfort, while releasing an impressive space for storage. Icon Craft’s newest creation comes with two 200-hp Evinrude G2 engines, with automatic propeller tilt, which meet the highest standards for environmental friendliness.

There is no word on top speed, but you will get a new Evinrude intelligent steering system, with a special I-dock joystick that should revolutionize low speed maneuvers. Nothing but good news from the French luxury motor boat maker!

Icon Craft 24


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