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The New Hautlence HL Vagabonde 03 Watch is Worth More Than a Look

By Vlad Craciun


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Hautlence HL Vagabonde 03, though uncommonly square, makes a grand first impression and strikes a balance between fine aesthetics and an  unusual non-round shape. The most surprising thing you’ll notice about this watch is that the Swiss brand has done away with hands and the Vagabonde 03 shows time in a very different manner.

Time is shown via three small apertures on the dial, spaced around an eye catching rotating minute wheel. There’s a digital hour indicator which shows up when its ‘time’ comes, and that’s done by aperture changes, with the hour appearing when several complex discs align to draw it in place.

Taking inspiration from one of the most powerful shapes in nature, the hexagon, Hautlence has introduced it in the design of the HL Vagabonde 03 watch. This stunning timepiece features a grade 5 titanium case which fits perfectly with the mesmerizing blue dial, with the overall design making a good job of not following the old patterns of watchmaking.


The movement the Vagabonde comes with is a HTL 205-1 self winding caliber, which is a lot more complex that it looks like. If was first featured on a watch in 2018, and spearheads the brand’s wish of creating new and original ways of time telling. And speaking of that, overall the HL Vagabonde 03 is nothing close to intuitive, but that’s what makes it perfect as a conversation starter.

The caseback is also a visual treat, allowing you to take a closer look at the impresive inner workings of the HTL 205-1 caliber. The price tag for the Hautlence HL Vagabonde 03 rises to a cool CHF26,900.


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