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The New Cirrus G6 Takes Retro Coolness Towards the Future

Cirrus G6

The world may now rejoice, as Cirrus Aircraft has just announced the launch of the all new Cirrus G6. The 2017 model of the G6 was specially designed to be the smartest, safest and also the most advanced model the company has ever released.

The sixth generation Cirrus offers an ultra-high speed Cirrus Perspective+ by Garmin flight deck, luxury automotive-inspired Cirrus Spectra wingtip lighting, premium cockpit connectivity solutions and many other goodies. This plane may have a charming retro vibe about itself, but it’s actually set to fly towards the future.

The new Cirrus Perspective+ flight deck brags about a processing speed that’s ten times faster than prior Cirrus Perspective avionics, which means enhanced performance and safety capabilities. And the all-new keypad controller, sporting a Cirrus-first QWERTY interface, allows you to make a seamless transition from your smartphone, tablet or laptop to your personal aircraft – that might not be a good idea while you’re flying towards your destination.

Cirrus G6

Whelen Engineering, the global leader in emergency lighting and signaling solutions, has also joined forces with Cirrus Aircraft, to develop the special Cirrus Spectra wingtip. These dual-strobe Spectra wingtips feature ultra high-performance LEDs, so now we’re dealing with the brightest and most visible lighting solution ever offered by Cirrus.

Furthermore, this new aircraft also comes equipped with a modernized Lycoming IO-390, 215-hp powerplant, a four-cylinder G6 SR20 engine, which benefits from more power and allows for an increased useful load. But none can deny the overall charm of this superb plane, and we’re sure the experience on board will be equally enjoyable.

Cirrus G6


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