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The new Bandit9 EVE 2020 Motorcycle Welcomes You to the Dark Side

By Adrian Prisca


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Creators of futuristic bikes that bridge imagination and reality, the brilliant people from Bandit9 Motorcycles have recently unveiled a new take on their iconic EVE motorcycle, that sprung into two polarizing concepts. The first one was called LUX and represents a softer vision of luxury, while the second concept, pictures here, takes the principles of luxury to new extremes.

Dubbed Bandit9 EVE 2020, this futuristic motorcycle comes with a ravishing blacked-out finish on its streamlined unibody, with a new engine cover and front cowl, that makes it look almost like a missile or a submarine. The bike looks hostile in every way and it was made with “beauty, purpose and dark intent” in mind.

It’s a functional work of art, a road legal sculpture blending a highly refined motorcycle design with fine craftsmanship and innovative ideas. The EVE 2020 is limited to just nine hand-built units, each of them equally alluring.

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The bike’s modern, streamlined body was handcrafted from stainless steel, just like its new turbine engine cover and front cowl, which are complemented by custom front forks, a high tech speedometer, a new exhaust, foot pegs, and a redesigned shifter, grips and gas cap. With its sweeping lines and blacked-out finish, the bike looks luxurious, bold and dramatic in every way.

The famed side silhouette of the EVE motorcycle was combined with the turbine engine cover first seen in the company’s L concept to get an image of raw power that goes hand in hand with this space-age sculpture.

The EVE 2020 will be powered by a small semi-automatic 125cc engine that’s housed inside its turbine, which is more than enough to push this 140 kg motorcycle to a top speed of 68 mph or 110 km/h. It might not sound like much when you compare it to any sport bikes, but this bike is a real work of art.

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