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The Minimalist Newton Espresso Maker is Old-School Cool

By Victor Baker


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Newton Espresso Maker

If you love to start your days with a good cup of coffee, you will surely fall in love with this beauty. A true minimalist’s dream, the revolutionary Newton Espresso machine features a super clean and stylish design, that’s actually inspired by the good old days of coffee making.

The best part – you don’t even need to plug in this espresso maker into an outlet, as the lever-press beauty before you throws out the traditional stainless steel aesthetic for some sweet simplicity, blending the old charm of coffee making with an injection of a contemporary aesthetics.

If you want to enjoy the process that allows these delicious aromas to be appreciated,  you have to return to the root of the problem and find the original and simple solution – Occam’s razor.

Newton Espresso Maker

The Newton Espresso was originally just an idea between a designer and an engineer, who combined the best of their worlds and their love for coffee to imagine this clean, minimalistic espresso machine. Simple, yet functional, stunning and durable, this non-electric and portable machine requires little to no maintenance.

The lever-press operation also means the Newton is silent to use, so you could easily sneak a delicious cup of coffee without even having to share – that sounds bad, but sometimes you might want to act selfishly. The stylish machine before you is expected to hit Kickstarter by next month, but there’s no official word on pricing just yet.

Newton Espresso Maker

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