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The Millionaire Luxury Safe Will Keep Your Precious Things Untouched

By Victor Baker


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Millionaire Luxury Safe

In case you’ve ever asked yourselves what is more valuable than gold, there’s always an easy answer – diamonds, and when you combine these two, you get some of the most stunning jewelry pieces. But what if you could hide and protect your diamond-studded jewelry and other precious belongings inside a jaw dropping golden safe?

The Millionaire Luxury Safe does just that, showing off a dented golden look that hints towards unsuccessful vault robbery attempts during the California Gold Rush. This purposefully flawed safe seems to remind us all about the beauty of life and its impenetrable nature, in the most awesome way possible.

Boca do Lobo’s most iconic safe now shows off lockable drawers, a classy mahogany structure, as well as a lush coating in highly polished brass, that was then dipped in gold to make sure it captures everyone’s attention.

Millionaire Luxury Safe

The Millionaire Luxury Safe makes quite an impression on you, the second you lay your eyes on it, and we think it’s safe to say – pardon the pun – that all other luxury safes will pale by comparison to this one, considering the exquisite detailing and fascinating finishes on this particularly safe from Boca do Lobo.

The safe’s amazing rudder-like handle was inspired from the Portuguese history and maritime ambitions of an era long gone, which contrast with the modern techniques used to design such an extravagant safe. Of course, the Millionaire Luxury Safe operates with a secret combination, for the owner’s eyes only; what were you expecting?

Millionaire Luxury Safe

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