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The Meteorite Pen Comes from Another World

Meteorite Pen

I’m sure we’ve all dreamed about going into the outer space, but let’s face it, it’s one of those dreams that just a few people will ever get to experience; however, a small part of the infinite cosmos could be right at your fingertips in the near future.

B. Smith & Co, an exclusive pen manufacturing firm, has just unveiled Meteorite, a gorgeous handcrafted writing instrument, manufactured from a rare 5,000-year old meteorite called Campo del Cielo and complemented by high-quality black titanium.

Discovered around 400 years ago, this meteorite was the perfect foundation for a one of a kind fountain pen, that’s also available as a rollerball, with prices ranging from $449.99 to $1,099.99.

Meteorite Pen

That may not sound like much to some people, especially for those of you who go crazy over extraordinary products. The quality of this luxurious pen cannot be denied, with a two-tone stainless nib, manufactured in Germany, joining the beautiful meteorite and titanium construction.

For now, the Meteorite pen can be pre-ordered only via its Kickstarter campaign, and I would do exactly that, in a hurry. Which version would you rather have, the fountain pen or the rollerball pen?
Meteorite Pen

[Bsmithco via luxurylaunches]


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