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The mesmerizing Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel

By Adrian Prisca


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Superbly positioned, far enough from the city to relax and yet close enough to be able to do your business, the Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi is an extremely elegant hotel, among UAE’s best places to stay. Located on a protected stretch of beach, along the Island of Saayidat, the hotel can serve as either a relaxing getaway or a stunning place to reside in Abu Dhabi during your business trip.

The hotel comprises a total of 306 contemporarily garnished private villas, rooms and suites. Just a few steps away, a golf course designed by Gary Player awaits enthusiasts, while the turquoise waters of the sea can’t wait to be splattered by lively swimmers and snorkelers. The location of Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi also serves as a vantage point for its guests, providing breathtaking views over the sea and the city.

Superbly decked with all sorts of luxurious amenities, slick furnishing and oak flooring, this magnificent getaway can also provide places to chill out and forget about your daily routine. For example, there is the Atarmia Spa, which covers two floors and can provide all sorts of Arabian treatments.

There are places to go even for those that enjoy pub life. Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi will astonish you with the three restaurants and two bars it owns. There’s the Beach House, along the pristine Saayidat Beach, which focuses solely on Mediterranean food, or the Park Bar and the Library, both bars being able to mix up some tasty drinks for you.

Prices? Yes, Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi isn’t that expensive at all. Nightly rates start at just AED 950 or around €200 at current exchange rates.


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