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The Magical Lupita Island retreat in Tanzania

By Adrian Prisca


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Let’s cheer everyone up a bit – with this, magnificent private retreat in Tanzania. The Island of Lupita provides state of the art, luxurious accommodation among a pretty much virgin natural habitat, on Lake Tanganyika. The island, spanning over around 130 acres, has been garnished with thatched-roof buildings and two-family cottages, all providing breathtaking views over one of the biggest lakes in Africa.

In order to get here one must travel to the closest international airport, which is the Arusha. Guests should either fly from Amsterdam to Kilimanjaro by KLM or to Nairobi, Kenya, and then take a secondary, 50-minute flight to Kilimanjaro Airport. The airstrip on Lupita is reached via a 3-hour flight by a Cessna 208 plane from Arusha.

A short 7-minute boat ride follows, across the lake. If there’s anybody that wants to reach the airstrip faster, they may either fly by private plane or book an 8-seat King Air 200 charter.

In terms of activities, this area is not poor at all. Guests may either choose to practice all sorts of water sports on the lake, or embark on journeys towards the local indigenous villages. The location is another huge advantage, in the Rukwa region, in western Tanzania, on the second deepest lake in the world and the second largest in Africa.

The accommodation consists of 13 open-air villas, two of which are family cottages while 11 are double-family ones, all of them providing magnificent views of the lake. They boast with thatched roofs built with local grasses, bathroom walls which open towards nature and waterfall showers to provide you with both comfort and cleanness.

Every room comes with either plunge pool or bathtub, on the private terrace or deck. There’s also a large lounge bar which further enhances the pleasure to gaze at the surrounding islands.


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