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A World’s First: The Louis XIII Le Mathusalem Crystal Decanter

By Victor Baker


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Louis XII Le Mathusalem Crystal Decanter

Louis XIII Le Mathusalem takes the world by surprise, since this is the very first time the renowned cognac maker will produce a Mathusalem edition in crystal. Developed by the legendary crystal manufacturer Baccarat, the incredible bottle which houses this delicious drink has required over 20 master craftsmen to work on it.

A tribute to fine craftsmanship and a true work of art, each of these decanters is blown by the craftsmen of La Maison Baccarat, hinting towards the incredible content and mesmerizing aromas of the cognac inside. According to the legend, Mathusalem was the oldest man to ever live, and the Louis XIII Le Mathusalem, is one of the brand’s oldest cognacs as well, housed in a decanter that’s equally precious.

Louis XII Le Mathusalem Crystal Decanter

Louis XIII presents Le Mathusalem in a luxurious chest featuring 8 crystal glasses, alongside a serving platter and a pipette, to remind everyone about the good old tasting and serving rituals. Its historic blend evokes tasting notes and aromas of myrrh, honey, plum, honeysuckle, wood bark, and leather, which sound amazing even when you read them.

As you could imagine, this rare and exquisite drink is easily a collector’s item; the first Louis XIII Le Mathusalem decanters will be available worldwide starting this November 2016, with no clue regarding the price. As life would have it, there are things more important than money, and this incredible elixir might just be one of them.

Louis XII Le Mathusalem Crystal Decanter

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