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Moonstone Stands Out And Blends in with Its Surroundings at the Same Time


The 2016 Dubai International Boat Show was the ideal place to unveil Moonstone, a unique vessel imagined by Van Geest Design, alongside Temeloy Advanced Lighting Design and the renowned shipyard Oceanco – so you know from the get-go that this superyacht concept will probably beat all your expectations.

Now, don’t get me wrong, as the technical specifications are well worth the attention; however, Moonstone seems to stand out more thanks to its innovative technologies and unique hull lights, designed to complement nature’s beauty and keep up with the wonderful surroundings.

For instance, at night the glistening reflections of the stars can be seen on Moonstone’s amazing hull, allowing the vessel to vibrate and deliver a completely unique atmosphere for those on-board.


This amazing ambiance can be enjoyed through a simple app on a smartphone or a tablet, allowing passengers to changed the entire mood on the vessel. According to the team of specialists which designed this amazing concept, these technologies have been thoroughly tested before making them a part of this yacht’s exterior.

Moreover, the powerful color impact is overwhelming, but the yacht can also act as a media platform and transform into video art, allowing a series of images and light surfaces to offer thrilling experiences. Moonstone seems to be an appropriate name for this fascinating project, set to leave everyone around it completely hypnotized.



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