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The Logitech Harmony Hub Elite: Controlling Your Smart Home with Just One Touch

By Adrian Prisca


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Logitech Harmony Hub Elite

Modern technology means that we have advanced far passed the point of having two remotes in the house to control the TV and DVD machines, and most houses now have a proliferation of digital devices all over the home. While it is possible to have around 10 different remotes- it really isn’t the most convenient situation and losing remotes becomes an everyday occurrence.

Luckily the universal remote was created to control more than one device in our increasingly digitalized households. In the past however, universal remotes were large, chunky and at best temperamental- often failing to connect to the majority of devices in the house. This is all about to change though.

Logitech recently unveiled their new Harmony Hub Elite – a universal remote which is not only more sleek and user friendly, but that is also a lot more tech savvy and effective.

Logitech Harmony Hub Elite

What Makes the Logitech Harmony Hub Elite so Special?

The Logitech Harmony Hub Elite was designed with the smart home in mind and it is by far the most advanced of all universal remotes that have been released. It dubbed as a “whole home controller” and it can link up to anything from the latest entertainment systems, Bluetooth lights, blind controls and even smart blenders and thermostats. It is touchscreen controlled, which makes the remote incredibly easy to use.

The hub can control 15 devices with one touch of the button, and can be grouped together for specific activities. For example, if you hit the “Watch Movie” button the device will dim the lights, drop the curtains, turn on the TV and turn up the sound.

The Elite can connect to about 270 000 smart appliances and this is only set to increase as demands for new connections grow. The hub for the remote has infrared, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Logitech Harmony Hub Elite

What Effect Will the Harmony Hub Elite Have on Real Estate?

“What difference will the Logitech Harmony Hub Elite have on the cost to sell my house?” This is a question that has been widely asked. And the answer is very simple: the move towards a larger market of smart homes means that having a Harmony Hub Elite in your home will undoubtedly increase the value of your house in the market.

Technology is growing at an exponential rate and more and more people are creating smart homes. The Harmony Hub Elite eliminates the need for dozens of different remotes and makes controlling the ever increasing digital consoles that much easier.

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