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The limited edition Organic Harmony speakers

Luciano Pasquariello, creator of Shape Audio, has just unveiled its latest creation: the Organic Harmony speakers, a stunning metal based sculpture sound system which will be available in limited edition bronze, silver and solid gold versions. According to the company, these metals provide excellent properties for sound reproduction, a pleasurable tactile sensation and, of course, an amazing look.

Organic Harmony is a beautifully shaped 1350×270 mm omnidirectional stereo loundspeaker system with a 1,000W amplifier and it also comes with an XLR analog microphone with USB & Ethernet functionalities as well.

The bronze version of this luxurious speaker system will be produced in a limited run of just 99 units, each of them weighting 95 kg and being priced at 63,000 EUR ($86,680). The Sterling silver version will be limited to just 5 units, every unit weighting 115 kg and being priced at 300,000 EUR or about $412,725.

We’ve kept the best at the end! Only one solid gold version of the Organic Harmony sound system will be built, made of solid 18-carat gold. It weights 215 kg and it will be priced at a staggering 5,000,000 EUR or $6,878,625.



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