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The Limited Edition HYT H2 Alinghi Is Looking For New Owners

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HYT H2 Alinghi

HYT and Alinghi have been combining thoughts and ideas for two years now, and their partnership has recently produced the wonderful and monochromatic HYT H2 Alinghi. This new special edition timepiece is the first of its kind in the entire world, since it features a full untreated titanium case, along with HYT’s new black liquid, which was unveiled at the beginning of 2016.

The impressive caliber of the H2 has been crafted this time in a lovely two-tone black and grey theme, with the dial showing off a newly-designed central minutes hand as well.

HYT H2 Alinghi

This stunning monochromatic combination add elegance and a somewhat action-ready vibe to the watch, the kind of vibe that James Bond puts out the second he enters a room.

The hour flange has also been redesigned for this H2, and now boasts a twin satin/glass blasted effect, while an ultra-resistant technical strap acts out as a finishing touch, while also matching the overall color theme of the watch.

HYT will produce the H2 Alinghi in a limited run of just 25 units, so you’ll need to hurry up if you like what you see. The new timepiece will be release don the market this June, but it will be probably sold out even before then.

HYT H2 Alinghi


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