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The Leica X-U Camera Can Handle Basically Anything

By Victor Baker


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Leica X-U Camera

The brilliant camera makers from Leica are constantly looking for new ways to get our full and undivided attention, and they often succeed in doing so, like today. The German company wants to handle pouring rain, tropical heat and even blizzards with their new Leixa X-U camera, which is supposedly shockproof, dust and water sealed – ready for any outdoor project.

With a minimal overall look and intuitive handling, this sleek camera delivers the ultimate creative freedom and the ability to react in a flash, without thinking too much about it.

The robust Leica X-U comes with an extra large sensor and a first-class kit lens, not to mention the ability to resist falls of up to 1.22 meters and handle water for 60 minutes at depths up to 15 meters. It can also shoot underwater via its fast prime lens, thanks to a special underwater protection filter.

Leica X-U Camera

It’s interesting to know that AUDI Design was actually involved in the finished look of the Leica X-U, which should explain the robust look, with high quality materials and a classic touch on the finished product. Made in Germany, the dials are finished in anodized aluminum and the integrated flash easily reflects the attention to detail as well.

Constructed with a perfectly sealed body with TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) armoring, the camera benefits from a specially toughened protective cover for the three-inch LCD screen. The top and bottom plates were made from premium aluminum and the camera also features a failsafe double locking system for the battery compartment and memory card slot.

The CMOS sensor guarantees impressive color rendering and exceptional resolution, even in low light. The new Leica X-U camera could also record video in a choice of 1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720 pixel resolution, at 30 fps in MP4 video format. Perfect for any conditions, right?

Leica X-U Camera

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