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The Jet Capsule Represents a New Italian Vision On Sailing

Jet Capsule

Italian company Jet Capsule has unveiled their new vision on sailing, a mini yacht shaped like a modern capsule that will accommodate up to five people and become a convertible, when needed, by removing the rigid carbon fiber roof. Sounds interesting? It gets even better!

Although it’s small in size, this mini jet is extremely powerful, and it will be available in four versions: a petrol powered option with 315 hp, a 260 hp diesel, an electric variant with 160 hp or a hybrid model coupling a petrol engine to an auxiliary 80 hp power unit. The top speed should range from 25 to 45 knots, depending on which model you will go for, so this thing is very fast for its size.

Once again, the Italians stray away from the beaten path and come up with their own way on how life should be enjoyed. Are you surprised?

Jet Capsule

If you like what you see, you should know that Jet Capsule will start production as soon as at least ten such vessels will be ordered, so feel free to do so right now. In the meantime, you will have to pay at least $69,000 for this Italian toy, and we’re not talking about a used Ferrari or Lamborghini here.

This cute little thing is ready to hit the waves in style, and it might just be used as a super cool water shuttle as well. There’s no word on possible delivery dates yet, but I think this vessel will be worth the wait.

Jet Capsule


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