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The Italian Bicicletto Is In A League Of Its Own

By Victor Baker


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Developed in Torino, Italy, Bicicletto is a new incredible electric bike – if we can call it that – representing the excellence of fine Italian craftsmanship, from one end to the other. Featuring an innovative design, this new concept breaks the mold of both the bicycle and the motorcycle.

With an incredible attention to detail, the bike’s design has been inspired by classic motorcycles, thus allowing us to enjoy that unique, retro vibe, mixed with state of the art technology and cool elements. The front light on this bike is actually a modern interpretation of the first automotive headlamps, while the carbon fiber frame keeps everything light and breezy.

Bicicletto comes with a lot of amazing details, worthy of being used in many future projects, of this brand or any other. For instance, if pedaling worries you, an electric throttle will prevent you from sweating, taking this electric bike to decent speeds without any effort.


There are two different Bicicletto models to talk about, called “Tradizione Italiana” and “SPA Edition”. The first one benefits from a matte black frame, projector and tank, and it’s powered by a 250 W engine which delivers a top speed of up to 25 km/h, taking its energy from a 36 V-15 A battery that brags about a 90 km range.

The Pantone “Australia 420”, used for the handles and the saddle, the removable projector or the Hydraulic Disk Brake “Formula C1” are other interesting details of this bike.

The “SPA Edition”, on the other hand, is shiny and cool, featuring a gunmetal gray tank and a lot more power under its body. The 350 W engine will allow the rider to enjoy a max speed of about 50 km/h, with a 36 V-20 A battery providing the ‘juice’.

A Bluetooth speaker, along with customized anti-theft system, makes the difference between the SPA edition and the other model. Don’t ask us about costs, as we can’t tell you any lies.



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