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The Iguana 29 Amphibious Yacht looks sweet!

By Adrian Prisca


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The main principle of the amphibious vehicles up till today used to be about cars that could be driven in water as well. Now, as the world is changing, the amphibious vehicles aren’t only a transition between terrestrial to water vehicles, but vice-versa as well.

Thus is the Iguana 29 Amphibious Yacht, a vessel that can be taken out of water and driven on land, with the help of a pair of retractable treads that assist the yacht while getting out of the water and moving on land. The point of the amphibious principle in this case is solely maneuverability on land, not terrestrial long-distance trips.

It’s more based on cruising seas, floating on low-depth water, short trips on the beach or parking it next to your regular car in the garage. During the time that used to be needed for mooring after doing short trips from island to island, you may know enjoy a cup of coffee into your favorite beach-side café or enjoy a beautiful sunset.

This is still a prototype and hasn’t gone into production, so the price hasn’t been made public so far. Still, if the number of orders rises, who knows? We may one day buy something like this. It’s proving to be pretty useful.


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