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The Highest Observation Deck in the Western Hemisphere Glances Over NYC

By Georgiana Grama


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In these last couple of weeks New York became the hardest hit city on the planet by this novel coronavirus. The situation there went from bad to worse to ugly in just a matter of days and even though things aren’t looking great yet, the number of new cases appears to be stabilizing this week. I’m sure we’ll all get over this together, sooner or later.

And what better place to celebrate the victory over this terrible virus than enjoying the sheer beauty of New York City from the highest observation deck in the Western Hemisphere? Perched 1,131 feet high up in the air at the Hudson Yards in NYC, “The Edge” will offer mind blowing views of the Big Apple.

The multi million dollar project has been completed a few weeks ago and it even opened to the public for a while, before closing down due to the virus. The exclusive observation deck has 7,500 square feet of viewing space and it’s made of frameless glass panels, angled towards the outside to offer probably the most awe-inspiring views of the entire city.

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Weighting close to 765,000 pounds, the Edge is located on the 100th floor of 30 Hudson Yards and it can be reached with an incredibly fast elevator ride from the fourth floor of 20 Hudson Yards. The observation deck is cantilevered off the supertall building, protruding by 80 feet, and there’s even a glass floor from where you could literally see the city at your feet.

The Edge will surely be one of the highlights of NYC, when everything goes back to normal. Inside, you’ll find a bar that serves Champagne, coffee, cockails and snacks, if you want to enjoy these gorgeous views with your friends or loved ones. Tickets are priced at $36-38 per person for timed entries, $56-58 for a Flex Pass, and if you’re willing to pay $90-92, you’ll get a Premium Admission VIP Pass.

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