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The Gresso Regal Titanium Phone is priced at $4,500

By Adrian Prisca


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Titanium is well known as a material that’s ultra strong yet extremely light, characteristics which make it perfect for all sorts of purposes where weight and strength have to be mixed up in opposite proportions, with strength as the major factor. The rare metal has become a precious material well appreciated by all sorts of gadgets manufacturers all around the world.

Boasting with a sharp, silvery look and high durability, titanium was the element of choice for Gresso in creating a new, bespoke, limited edition phone, the Gresso Regal Titanium Phone. The 121 mm x 46 mm x 12 mm case was crafted from a single slab of titanium, the final product featuring just 9% of the initial quantity of titanium.

The back and front sides of the Gresso Regal Titanium phone boast with solid tempered glass plates and one off tinting technology which confers them a deep black hue. In addition, the keypad was crafted from glossy steel.

Weighing a respectable 130 grams, this staggering gadget from Gresso will only be manufactured in 333 units. It runs on Symbian S40 operating system and will reportedly cost $4,500 per piece.


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