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The Force May Sleep With You In The Millennium Falcon Bed

By Victor Baker


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Millennium Falcon Bed

For no apparent reason, today will be Star Wars day here on Luxatic, and that should be nothing but good news for everyone who truly loves the epic space opera. In case you’ve ever dreamed about flying the Millenium Falcon, this is probably the closest you can get, as your fantasies may actually take flight in the new Millennium Falcon bed.

Far, far away in your sleep, nestled in a bed shaped like the famous space-ship, your Star Wars dreams might come true. This cool bed boasts amazing Star Wars details, including the iconic cockpit shape of the Millennium Falcon, complete with knobs and gauges.

I doubt Chewbacca will be your wing-man, but who cares when you’re cruising around the universe in your very own ship?

Millennium Falcon Bed

Featuring a small play area near the foot of the bed, the Millennium Falcon bed has been hand-painted and crafted out of solid hardwood that will last for a very, very long time. Right in time to catch up with the craze of the upcoming film Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the starship-shaped bed could be yours, for just around $4,000.

Part of the Force Friday’s Star Wars-themed items made available by Disney, the bed is sized at 45.5″ wide x 108.25″ long x 45.5″ high, and is ideal for young Star Wars fans. At least, in theory.

Millennium Falcon Bed

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