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The Eiffel Tower radiator brings the charm of Paris to your home

By Adrian Prisca


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Whenever we hear of Paris we tend to think of luxury, beauty, an extravagant city full of light, romance and wine, a great deal of it. And when it comes to the man-made symbols of this magnificent city, the Eiffel Tower is perhaps to most renowned at a worldwide level. If you just want to feel close to Paris without having to reside into the city, we’ve got a quite nice solution to your issue.

This radiator is shaped like the Eiffel Tower and it is extremely easy to install in your own private home. Crafted from top quality stainless steel and carefully hand-welded by experienced specialists, it boasts with a delicately beautiful design yet entirely unconventional.

Furthermore, featuring a head output of 2590 BTUs, this piece does its heater job really well. It can even be backlit, for a more interesting and romantic atmosphere. And, most importantly for many, the price for such a piece starts at $3,200 – a quite accessible glimmering fixture. Nice!

[Art Radiators via LuxuryLaunches]

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