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The DJI M600 Benefits From Hasselblad’s Expertise

By Victor Baker


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DJI M600

It is always a good day when two renowned companies like DJI and the Hasselblad Group decide to join forces for a marvelous mix of fun and amazement. The new DJI M600 drone has been recently tweaked to offer top-of-the-line aerial optics, courtesy of Hasselblad’s aerial medium-format camera A5D, that’s perfectly complemented by the ultimate aerial platform.

Designed to make super-high-end users smile – until getting a glimpse of the price-tag, that is – this awesome package consists from the M600 drone, which is priced at $4,600, the Ronin MX gimbal, setting you back $1,600, and the aforementioned Hasselblad A5D.

DJI M600

The latter hasn’t been attached to an official price-tag yet, but you might remember that Hasselblad’s Phase One camera costs a cool $60,000; there’s still time for Hasselblad to go completely crazy and make everyone bite their nails in complete envy.

Please note that this exclusive offering also includes six batteries, the A3 flight controller, the Lightbridge 2 HD video transmission system and various other necessary drone-specific equipment. One thing users will really need is to be totally careful, as crashing such a piece of equipment might ruin a man and possibly render him speechless for a very long time.


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