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The De Bethune DB24 Quetzalcoatl Limited Edition Watch

Swiss watchmaker De Bethune respects the ancient cultures of our world, and has designed several watches focused on historic cultures and events. This is probably why their designs usually look like they feature some sort of alien technology. Their latest masterpiece is the DB24 Quetzalcoatl watch, a truly magnificent timepiece inspired by the ancient Mayan civilization.

‘Quetzalcoatl’ may be a difficult word to spell and pronounce, and that’s because translated from the Aztec language it means “Feathered Serpent”. According to mythology, this snake controls the cycle of time, affecting agriculture and protecting artists and jewelers.

The “Feathered Serpent” is featured as a main element of the dial, which is engraved in pure gold. This remarkable design is credited to artist Michael Roten. The snake with its head and tail marks the hours and minutes, while  the central part of the dial is decorated with the mirolight guilloche technique.

Nestled in a white gold case which measures 44mm in diameter, the watch boasts a De Bethune Caliber DB2005 self-winding mechanism. The De Bethune DB24 Quetzalcoatl watch will be produced in a limited edition of only 20 pieces, and will cost you $120,000 – a small price to pay for a piece of luxurious history around your wrist.


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