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The Constance Lemuria Resort in Praslin, Seychelles

By Adrian Prisca


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Located right on the pristine white beaches of Anse Kerlan, in Praslin, off the African continent on the archipelago of Seychelles, the gorgeous Constance Lemuria Resort is a great spot to find peace.

The location is one of the most intensively populated areas in the world, by sea turtles, allowing guests to view their habits and behavior. The Seychelles are known to be spawning grounds for sea turtles, which proves the tranquility guests will find here. It also offers world class golf courts, for those who can’t stay away from balls and putters.

There are three restaurants and bars on the spot, to ensure a pleasurable experience for those present. Won’t matter if guests choose French cuisine, buffets, international meals or staggering cocktails – the result is going to be the same. And then there’s the 18-hole golf Championship course which expects you’re putter.

In terms of accommodations, things are probably clear from the beginning. The term “exquisite” has been used almost at an obsessive level at the location, throughout the 88 Junior Suites, 8 Senior Suites, 8 villas and the state of the art, cherry on the cake, Presidential Villa. The small homes, if we could call them that, are situated a mere 15 meters away from the shore and come with top notch appliances and amenities, like plush furnishings, TV, DVD, AC etc.

One thing is sure for those who set foot on these grounds – they’re due to be stuck with some memorable experiences – and all these starting at €488 per night, depending on the guests’ choices.

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