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The Chronos Safe will keep your watches safe

The Chronos Safe

Brown Safe Manufacturing has presented their latest creation called “The Cronos”, the ultimate safe to protect your collection of watches. The Cronos safe features biometric finger print recognition, gps anti theft systems, multi senson alarm with home automation incorporation and automatic watch winders.

The ultimate protection level is ensured by military grade ballistic armor which will blast this safe far above any previous protection level rating system. It’s probably the only safe in the world with this type of armor and will surely protect your luxury watches or, if you want, the rest of your jewelry.

The exterior is really stylish and the interior of the safe is just as or even more luxurious than the safe’s exterior. The Cronos safe features many drawers and other lovely methods for containment including the automatic watch winder carousel, probably the most amazing feature for watch lovers.

This feature is the first of its kind and it groups the winders circularly to maximize the amount of space available and with a motorized stack it makes each watch available in a super fabulous and excellent fashion. The safe will be available with many personalization options, including a Lamborghini style for example.



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