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The Chocolate is the ultimate chocolate delight

By Adrian Prisca


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The Chocolate is more than simple chocolate, it’s THE chocolate, the finest in the world in bespoke, handmade, champagne truffles, with edible pure 24 carat gold and wrapped in a contemporary, chic, swarovski adorned boutique box thus providing the most luxurious chocolate experience in the world.

The best ingredients have been carefully selected for the Chocolate and it took more than two years to perfect and then offer this amazing  delight. It sources the finest chocolate in the world, Toscano Black 63% chocolate and it’s produced by a small, artisan chocolate maker located just outside Pisa in Tuscany.

The Chocolate has been recognised by the Academy of Chocolate as the beast bean to bar cocoa in the world. Each champagne truffles in decorated with edible pure 24 carat gold flakes which are added at the enrobing stage to sit proudly and to sizzle on the truffles.

The Chocolate package has 15 hand crafted truffles, all different from the other. The contemporary swarovski studded box was crafted using recycled material and more than 400 Swarovski crystals are embedded in each box inside and out. It costs only 190 GBP.

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